3 tips to observe before starting your aluminium fence installation

Posted on: 12 April 2016

Are you searching for a beautiful and durable type of fence that complements your home's curb appeal, secures your home and won't necessarily cost a lot on your home refurbishment budget? Opt for aluminium fencing, which comes in a variety of styles and shades to meet your unique fencing needs. However, before property owners can hire a fence contractor to carry out the fence installation, there are three important tips they should know to guarantee an effective installation.

Local zoning regulations                             

Probably the most essential thing to think about before installing your new aluminium fencing is to check with your county's local zoning ordinances to confirm whether you require a permit for your new fence installation. Local zoning regulations may regulate the type, size, height and placement of fence installations. The biggest blunder homeowners make is to go on with the fence installation process without confirming with their local zoning ordinances and end up using a lot of money in erroneous assumptions. This may attract huge penalties and fines from your local jurisdiction. You need to ensure that you're within any specified height limitations as well as any boundary stipulations as far aluminium fence installation is concerned.

Check with your local homeowner's association

If you reside in an area with a homeowner's association, you will need to share your fencing plans with them to see whether there are any guidelines to be met such as obtaining a written approval prior to proceeding with your fencing plans. Additionally, confirm the exact location of your property lines with any neighbours whose homes are sited along your planned fence line to prevent any possible encroachment in their land. These conversations can help prevent future disputes and litigations.

Check with the utility companies

Regardless of the fact that you may plan to install your new aluminium fence in the exact location as your previous fencing, always contact the respective utility companies prior to digging. You don't want to run the risk of damaging underground pipes and wires. In fact, this is a problem often faced by homeowners who aren't the original owners of the land. In their attempts to install the new aluminium fence, they may end up digging new post holes that are several inches deeper compared to the original ones. In effect, underground utility systems are interfered with, causing great stress to the homeowners. To prevent such a scenario, always confirm the location of any buried utilities in your property before you start installing your new fence. Utility companies have a toll free number which customers can use to make all manner of inquiries.