What Fence Style Should You Choose for Your Front Yard?

Posted on: 3 April 2023

If you're replacing the front fence on your property, you'll have a lot of designs to choose from. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when weighing up which kind will work for you.

Property Style

Whatever fence you select will need to harmonise with your home's architecture. You could choose a woven-wire fence for a heritage property or a picket fence for a cottage. If you have a large house, you could choose a grander structure made of sandstone pillars with tubular metal infills. If you're not sure what design would suit your home, take a walk around the neighbourhood and notice which fences you like. Are there houses with similar architecture to yours? What barriers do they have?


Another factor to consider is whether you want privacy from the fence. This will in part depend on its height, which will need to comply with local council regulations. You could create a solid fence using brick, cement or metal panels. Slatted fencing offers some privacy but has a more open feel. If you're not concerned about privacy, you could install tubular metal for your fence installation. A structure will look visually appealing if you combine materials, such as stone pillars, with other elements. Add aluminium rails for a clearer view or a brush infill for privacy.


The style of your fence will also impact the security of your house. A tall fence will be harder to climb than a low picket fence that can almost be stepped over. Tubular metal fences come in varying heights, and some designs have pointy spearhead tips, which provide further deterrence to intruders. Security is also about the visibility of your property to bypassers. If they can see through the fence, they can spot trespassers and raise the alarm.

A secure fence will also keep pets and children safe on your property. Solid, opaque tall fences or slat styles don't have gaps that they may squeeze through. If you live on a busy road, it's especially crucial to have a secure barrier around the front yard.


The maintenance of various fencing materials is something else to focus on. Powder-coated metal, which can be used in tubular and slat designs, is hardy and doesn't require regular refinishing. On the other hand, painted timber fences, whether in picket or slat styles, will require maintenance to keep them looking appealing. Paint tends to flake off the wood, making the structure appear worn. Brick and cement render will largely look after themselves, and you won't have to put in too much work.

For more information on a fence installation, contact a professional near you.