Two situations in which glass would be the best choice of material for a pool fence

Posted on: 16 February 2022

Here are two situations in which you should consider using glass as the material for your pool fence.

You need to supervise your children when they're in the pool without you

If your children regularly spend time in the pool without you, but you want to be able to supervise them when they're in the water, then glass pool fencing would be a good choice. This material's translucency will enable you to see directly into the pool and check that your children are swimming safely, even if you're many metres away from the water. In contrast, if you installed a pool fence that wasn't see-through, you might need to stand beside the fence and look over it, or sit on the pool's edge whenever your children felt like swimming so that you could see and monitor them.

Furthermore, fitting glass pool fencing in this situation would also give you the option of getting a very tall pool fence, even if you need to be able to see beyond it to keep an eye on your kids. This is because you would not need it to be short enough for you to peer over it like you would if it were built from a non-see-through material like wood, as you would be able to see through it instead.

Having the option of choosing a tall fence could be useful if you would like this fence to stop wild animals or trespassers from accessing the pool, as the taller it is, the harder it will be for any person or creature to get beyond it.

The pool is an aesthetic focal point that you want to highlight

If your pool is quite striking, with, for instance, gorgeous Moroccan pool tiles or a creative and unusual shape, and it is one of the main focal points of your outdoor space, then it's important to select pool fencing that will highlight it instead of hiding it.

If you were to put a wrought iron or wood-panel fence around this feature, not only would it be either difficult or impossible for those behind the fence to spot or appreciate the pool's shape or lovely tiles (depending on how large the openings between the fence's panels or bars were) but the fence's own design features would compete with those of the pool and make the latter less striking. Conversely, a translucent pool fence made of glass will have no effect on anyone's ability to admire the pool from either side of it and will not draw attention away from the pool's amazing design features.

For more information on glass pool fencing, contact a professional near you.