Why Glass Fencing Can Be the Best Option for Your Property, With or Without a Pool!

Posted on: 21 September 2017

Glass fencing is often chosen for properties with pools, as it allows a full view of the pool area, for added safety. However, even if you don't own a pool, glass fencing can still be the best choice for your property. Note why that is and the many advantages that glass fencing offers over other types of fencing so you can make the best choice of fence for your yard, with or without a pool!


A solid glass panel offers no toeholds for someone to climb, and the thin frame of the glass panel makes it difficult for someone to hold onto the top of the panel and pull themselves over the fence, as they might do with thick, rounded posts of a hurricane fence. Being able to see into your property can also increase security; your neighbours can easily see someone in your yard who doesn't belong there, and burglars may not want to target a home with a fence that doesn't obscure the view of the yard.


Glass fencing requires little to no maintenance over the years, while chain link fences may need tightening to reduce sagging, and wood fences need consistent painting. Metal fences may need new powder coating to keep the colour fresh, and a poor-quality metal fence may tend to rust and corrode over the years.


Chain link, mesh, and metal bar fences do little, if anything, to insulate sound. A glass fence can block sound from your neighbours, while also insulating the sound from your yard, so you don't need to remind your children to stay quiet while in the pool or the yard, and may not need to worry about your dogs barking and causing a nuisance to the neighbours.


If your yard is a bit small and seems dark and dim, you can add spotlights and rope lighting to any fence, but a glass fence will reflect that light rather than letting it pass through or actually absorbing that light. This can make your yard seem bigger and brighter, and help to keep landscaping features in the light even as the sun sets. Adding light that reflects off the glass fence can also add to your home's security, as burglars and trespassers don't often target properties that have lots of light, preferring the cover of darkness instead. To enhance the light you add to your property, choose glass fencing, and include some frosted panels for even more light reflection and brightness in your space.