3 Considerations When Getting Automatic Gates For Your Driveway

Posted on: 23 October 2018

Automatic gates to enter your driveway are a good idea when you want to make the process more efficient and seamless. This way, you won't have to get out of the car to open your gates before you get into your driveway, while you still can have an added layer of security to your home. However, you must consider some factors before you actually get them for your driveway. Here they are: 

Consider Your Gate Opening Style Preference 

There are different gate opening styles available, so you will need to consider what works best for your property. For example, if there is limited frontal space between the gate and road, then you may want to consider a side-sliding or vertical-sliding gate opening style. But if space is not a constraint, then a front opening gate may allow you more flexibility with your design choice. You can even choose vertical pivot gates that rotate in and out. You will need to consider turning vehicles, pedestrian footpaths and angle accessibility before you choose your gate's opening style. Apart from these considerations, your personal opening style preference will also play a role in your choice. 

Choose Your Gate Material

You can choose from materials like aluminium, timber, steel and wrought iron for your automatic driveway gate. This will depend on your personal preferences and the style of your home. For example, are you looking for a material that seamlessly blends into your property? Do you want a gate that offers you complete privacy? Timber is a good choice for people seeking more privacy, while wrought-iron gates may fit well into Victorian-style homes. Aluminium or steel are attractive choices for newer properties because of their clean lines and varied colour choices. If you choose steel, then you may need to get them powder coated to prevent them from rusting. 

Establish How Quickly You Want The Gate To Open And Shut 

You may be able to install gates that open and shut more quickly than others. This may be an important factor if you live in a more vulnerable area or if you live in a busy area or even if you work late night shifts regularly. In these instances, you will likely want faster exits and entries so that you are not left in an exposed position. Your automatic gate specialist should ideally be able to offer adjustable speeds based on what is most comfortable for you. 

Make sure you consider these factors when getting automatic gates for your driveway.