Future Trends in Glass Pool Fencing

Posted on: 26 April 2019

If you're currently using materials other than glass to fence your swimming pool, you may be missing out on exciting technologies that are soon to come. Glass pool fencing has come a long way over the years, and new design features are making these fences even more exciting.

You can expect to see augmented reality on your glass fence, in addition to advanced safety features that will make your home or business less of a risk to children and other pool users. Here are four exciting and futuristic trends you can expect to see in glass pool fences moving forward.  

1. Use of gorilla glass

Many types of glass have been used to make glass pool fences safer, more durable and more reliable. From shatterproof laminated glass to the thick and durable tempered glass, different materials and designs have resulted in reliable fences over the years.

However, gorilla glass proves to be a game changer in the glass pool fencing space. Gorilla glass is among the strongest out there, which explain why many smartphone manufacturers like using it. It's also a multi-layered glass that doesn't shatter easily. Fencing manufacturers are exploring how gorilla glass can be used on glass pool fences because it's light, durable and highly efficient.

2. Smart technology

With smart technology taking over homes and businesses, you can soon expect to see this trend making its way into glass pool fences. In particular, fences with smart doors can receive signals from a mobile device, which allows for remote locking or unlocking. This feature is helpful in cases where you forgot to lock the pool fence, and you have young children.

Smart technology is also a useful security feature for businesses. In upcoming years, you can expect to see glass pool fences being fitted with sensors that can detect unauthorised access and automatically trigger an alarm.

3. Interactive glass features

Augmented reality is soon making its way into glass pool fencing. You will be able to use the glass surface as a digital display that can show useful information such as water temperature, wind speed, pool depth, opening hours and much more.

Augmented reality is a promising technology that will turn your glass pool fence into a multifunctional and fully interactive structure.

4. Easier installation

Another trend you can expect to see in upcoming years is glass pool panels that are much easier to install. Prototypes are being explored that will even make DIY installations possible, primarily because the panels will be pre-designed and shipped in easily usable components.