How to Get More Security Out of Welded Mesh Fencing

Posted on: 6 December 2019

If you need to build a secure barrier around your business, then you may be looking at welded mesh products. These fences are sturdy and strong. To get the best security, it's worth looking at products that have the following features.

1. Rigid Panels

You can buy welded mesh fencing in rolls or in pre-made panels. While mesh rolls are strong and relatively secure, they are more flexible than panels. Their wires may be slightly smaller than you'd get with a fixed option as the mesh needs to bend to be rolled.

This can make a fence a little less secure than you might like. However, if you opt to have your fencing made from fixed panels, then you get a more rigid solution. Fixed panels are typically harder to cut, break or damage.

2. Thicker Wires

Welded mesh fences aren't all made from the same size of wire. Some have thinner wires than others.

A mesh fence with thin wires is potentially easier to breach. It takes less effort to cut through the wire if it is small and narrow. A determined thief with the right cutting tool could get through the fence more easily than you might think.

If you buy fences with thicker wires, then you make things harder for intruders and vandals. Thick wires won't cut easily. They create a more effective security barrier.

Bear in mind that the diameter of mesh wire fence panels may include the wire's protective coating. You may think you're getting a bigger mesh; however, you're actually getting a thinner option with a thicker coating. So, check the actual wire size before you buy.

3. Smaller Gaps

The gaps between the wires in mesh fencing also vary from product to product. Typically, the bigger the gap, the less secure the fence is.

If the gap between wires is big enough, then someone can use them as fingerholds to scale the fence. In some cases, larger gaps make it easier to get tools between the wires to cut them. So, you should look for products that have tight mesh with small gaps. Ideally, each gap should be too small to get fingers or tools through. This should deter people from trying to climb the fence or to cut it open.

Your fencing contractor can tell you more about welded mesh fencing products. They can also help you choose other security options if you need them.