4 Things You Need in a Chain Wire Fence

Posted on: 5 August 2020

If you've decided to install a chain wire fence around your property, then you have to plan out the structure of the fencing. To do this, you should ask yourself four key questions. What are they? 

1. How High Does the Fence Need to Be?

The height of your fencing often depends on the reasons why you need the fence in the first place. For example, if you simply want a boundary fence around your front garden to keep things neat, then you may not need to go that high. However, if you want a fence that will keep out intruders, then you need a higher build that will be difficult to scale.

Bear in mind that the height you choose may affect the structure of your fencing. For example, if you want an oversized height, you may need to include additional central posts in each panel to give the structure more solidity.

2. Which Material Is Best?

While you can buy regular metal chain wire fencing, you can also opt for products that have been coated with PVC during the manufacturing process. For some people, this is a cosmetic decision — they prefer the way that coloured PVC looks compared to bare metal.

However, going for a PVC coating has other benefits. The plastic gives the metal extra protection against corrosion. This keeps the fence stronger for longer.

On the other hand, if you like the look of regular metal, you should look for products with a galvanised finish. This process helps protect the metal against rust. Again, this extends the life of the fence by making it more corrosion resistant.

3. Which Wire Size Should You Choose?

Chain wire fences typically have a diamond mesh pattern. However, not all of these shapes are the same size.

As a rule of thumb, smaller diamonds tend to make for stronger fences; larger diamond designs are still strong but may be easier to cut through. So, if security is an issue, you may want to go for a smaller design.

4. Do You Need Additional Security?

If you have security concerns, then you can add features to chain wire fences to make them stronger and harder to break through or over. For example, you can top a fence with barbed wire and security posts. This is useful for commercial sites or homes that have been frequently burgled in the past.

For more advice on choosing the right chain wire solution, contact local fencing contractors.