A Guide To Colorbond Fencing

Posted on: 2 August 2021

A Colorbond fence will make your home attractive and increase its market value. Besides, it is a sure way to prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing your home. If you intend to install a Colorbond fence in your home, read the article below for some essential tips. 

Check Land Planning Laws

Although you own the property, planning laws could determine how you will install the fence. For example, you could be required to ensure a specific height or design. You must check these laws to avoid fines.  

Decide The Design Of Fence You Need

Since you are already settled on a Colorbond fence, your primary concern should be the design of the fence. Ideally, start with the colour of the fence. Ensure it complements your home's exterior. Next, go for a design that makes your Colorbond fence stand out. For example, you could opt to attach a lattice or plinth to prevent the fence from looking plain. Alternatively, you could attach some artistic perforations to keep the fence appealing. 

Determine The Need For Security Features

Security features will increase the functionality of your fence. For example, you could install security cameras around the fence. Besides, you could opt to add a razor or electric fence to prevent intruders from climbing through the fence. 

Decide whether you need a gate. If you do, the installation should be conveniently located, preferably with direct access to the front of your house. Go for a Colorbond gate to ensure the gate blends with the fence. 

Assess Your Compound

Inspect your compound to establish the number of fencing panels and poles you will need for your project. Moreover, check the property blueprints to know whether the fencing project will interfere with underground utilities such as gas and drainage lines. If you are not sure about your property boundaries, it would be worthwhile to engage the services of a surveyor. 

Consider Working With An Experienced Contractor 

Conducting a DIY fence installation can be a tedious task. Although you will find some DIY guides online, it is challenging to master the skill within a few hours. Given that Colorbond fencing is a return-on-investment project, you can protect your investment by hiring a contractor to install the fence. Your contractor will examine your property vis-à-vis your preferences and advise what fence suits your home. When hiring the contractor, conduct some due diligence to ensure they can offer high-quality finishes. 

When installing Colorbond fencing, check land planning laws, choose an appropriate design, determine the need for security features, inspect your compound and work with an accredited contractor.