3 Considerations When Getting Automatic Gates For Your Driveway

Posted on: 23 October 2018

Automatic gates to enter your driveway are a good idea when you want to make the process more efficient and seamless. This way, you won't have to get out of the car to open your gates before you get into your driveway, while you still can have an added layer of security to your home. However, you must consider some factors before you actually get them for your driveway. Here they are:  [Read More]

The Pros and Cons of a Hurricane Fence for a Residential Property

Posted on: 11 December 2017

When it comes to residential fencing, you want to choose something that provides security and privacy from the neighbours, while also being affordable, which may be a special challenge for very large yards. A hurricane or chain link fence is a good choice for many residential properties and can be the most affordable fence as well. If you're considering new fencing for your property, note a few pros and cons of chain link or hurricane fences, and a few suggestions for how to get around its drawbacks, so you can determine if this is the right fence for your needs. [Read More]

Why Glass Fencing Can Be the Best Option for Your Property, With or Without a Pool!

Posted on: 21 September 2017

Glass fencing is often chosen for properties with pools, as it allows a full view of the pool area, for added safety. However, even if you don't own a pool, glass fencing can still be the best choice for your property. Note why that is and the many advantages that glass fencing offers over other types of fencing so you can make the best choice of fence for your yard, with or without a pool! [Read More]

Don't Overlook These Details When Choosing an Industrial Fence for Your Property

Posted on: 5 June 2017

An industrial fence may be needed on a residential property if you have livestock that needs to be contained or if you need to keep out deer and other wildlife. You may also want a more sturdy fence to hold up against inclement weather, the potential for brushfires and rough vegetation that may grow in a very rural areas—all of which would otherwise scratch and damage a lightweight fencing material. When you are ready to choose an industrial fence for your residential property, note a few details to keep in mind and discuss with the fencing contractor so that you're sure to be happy with the fence for years to come. [Read More]